Individual and couples therapy for adult clients

Short-term personal development or parenting counseling

What can we work on together?

  • relationship, family, or parenting issues
  • (intercultural) adjustment issues to new life situations or roles
  • (recurring) acute or chronic stress
  • high sensitivity (HSP) / overexcitability
  • irritability and anger
  • tension, anxiety and fear
  • feelings of low self-esteem, worthlessness, and general unhappiness with yourself and/or life in general
  • loss of any kind including productivity, motivation, and life’s purpose
  • grief and sadness
  • work-life imbalance
  • social isolation

Means of work

A choice or a combination of

  • gestalt therapy
  • developmental model according to Margaret Mahler
  • attachment theory according to John Bowlby
  • mindfulness
  • visualisation and imagination
  • various relaxation techniques
  • bodywork

Therapy is a joint effort of the client and the therapist. Together we create „a field“ which might start reflecting the most salient issues in your life. My task is not to give you advice but to help you explore your sensations, emotions, usual patterns of thoughts and reactions as well as your strengths and sources – all this in order for you to cultivate self-awareness, build self-confidence, and be able to find your own unique solutions. This may however only work under the right circumstances – feeling of trust, safety, and acceptance of anything that may arise during our joint process. My goal is to provide such environment for you during therapy.